refnr.: 00167
auteur: Leonard L. Sand
genre: English poems
Aantal pagina's: 80
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boek Lover

“In his work Leonard touches the soul and takes the reader to new depths of passion, of verse and of beauty. His poems speak of love, of intimacy and the beauty of nature which lifts and caresses our soul. The reader will be deeply touched and moved to soulful reflection on these eternal themes which Leonard explores both passionately and playfully.”

John William Holway, owner, British-Network, Hamburg, an Englishman abroad

LEONARD L. SAND (August 1987) is a young poet who started writing in the middle of his depression, when he was about twenty years old. He uses poetry to express his inmost personal feelings, his desires and to share a message of hope and healing. His poems are spiritual in nature and they are a testimony of his faith and his optimistic attitude towards life. Lover is his first published book of poetry.



Leonard L. Sand