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Stefaan Van Laere is a Belgian writer & journalist who writes and publishes in Dutch. He is the author of more than 80 books for children and adults, both fiction and non-fiction. He wrote several books with tango teacher Pol Van Assche of Polariteit, two children's books (De Koffer and Sciencefiction), eight thrillers, several restaurant guides and four books about whisky. He was also chief editor of the Belgian Horeca Magazine (edition in Dutch and French).

Van Laere is fascinated by single malt whisky. His third whisky book Whisky à la carte, written with connoisseur Bob Minnekeer from the famous Belgian whisky club Glengarry, was his first book translated in French (photographs Johan Martens, editor Lannoo). In this book the authors explain the history and production process of whisky, how to taste it, and give some interesting whisky trails in Scotland. His last whisky book, 'Whisky puur' ('Pure whisky') is the result of the exploration of several important whisky questions. It also demystifies several whisky mythes.

 This author also wrote articles for the Dutch-Belgian 'Great Britain magazine' and is considered as one of the greatest whisky writers of the Benelux. In cooperation with Quality Meat Scotland, the organisation for the promotion of Scottish Meat, he wrote several articles in Dutch and Belgian magazines about Scottish and British topics.

He writes both fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. He is also the founder of publishing house Partizaan. The joint circulation of his books already amounts to more than 400,000 copies.


The novel 'A dagger through my heart' is his first English book.




Fusion & Defusion” is a collection of poems written by Pieter Gouvart in the year 2016. The poet reflects about four periods during his recovery from depression.




"Lover" is the poetry debute of the young writer Leonard L. Sand. In his work Leonard touches the soul and takes the reader to new depths of passion.